Trophy for the AS Sports Awards

Let's be clear, sports, what is said sport, Javier Mariscal (Valencia, 1950) has not practiced too much. It does not consume it. Neither understands nor needs to do. But hardly a type so little integrated in the world of physical effort has been so decisive in the world of sports. His mascot Cobi marked a before and an after in the organization of the Olympic Games demonstrating to the world that Barcelona, ​​at that time was the world capital of design. Nobody better than him to create the trophy As they will receive tonight the winners in the XII edition of the As Sports Awards.


Entering the studio of Mariscal in Palo Alto, Barcelona, ​​where he has lived for 48 years, is like doing it in a parallel universe full of great gadgets, wonderful ideas that lead to becoming a spoon, chair or poster.

Mariscal is the Willy Wonka that dominates the scene and it is impossible not to get infected by his good vibes when you appear there and he explains what he wanted to do when he was commissioned by AS to create this trophy after having successfully designed the logo that commemorated the 50 anniversary of the diary and the derived pictograms.

"My idea when making the prize was to make a drink, which is what is given to athletes, but that did not quite convince me and I thought about doing something more dynamic," he explains. The artist adds that, at first, he wanted to be inspired "by the laurel wreaths of the Romans, which seem very cool to me".

Xavi, who, unlike the Roman emperor, has always had an abundance of hair, did not finally decide on the laurel wreath, so he started doing what he likes best: playing.

He played with the letters of As and twisted, gave volume and reformed to give an image of dynamism that reminded the idols of the sport.

"Obviously, it had to be a cool metal, gold or silver, because for something it is a prize and it weighs, it weighs an egg so I had to put a base piece that you can not see, but the winners are strong, athletic people and young, like me and they will be able to handle it perfectly ".

Mariscal little by little is understanding of sport and in the end he is taking the pleasure of this from the athletes. Thanks to his talent, sport has gained presence and modernity. The ethics of aesthetics is very important and Mariscal, with his works, helps improve everything he touches.

The old Cobi, who has just turned 26, an age for a dog, continues to contemplate from the garden of Palo Alto the works of its owner. With his glasses, because he no longer sees well, his tummy and beer, he continues to share games with the Garriris, who are his older brothers while remembering Onliyú to Nazario and Montesol while they browse old magazines of El Rrollo enmascarado and Star. also the As, of course.


Santi Giménez



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