Mariscal Store is a reflection of the artist's prolific, anarchic, multidisciplinary career - always fresh, consistent and sound - and is one more step in the journey that began with the launch of Mariscal Portraits.

This virtual gallery uses digital art to bring the artist's work closer to all audiences: Prints on art paper signed by Mariscal, with pigmented inks on high-quality 100% cotton paper resulting in a perfect finish and extraordinary chromatic quality.

The gallery also features his more personal work like Los Garriris, those 'outsiders' whose adventures not only play out in famous comics and books, but also in other mediums like illustrations and merchandising. And of course, there are also museum pieces like the Dúplex stool, which in the words of Mariscal "is an object that has been in a fight or has gotten drunk" as well as Julián, a dog "that can support doors and conversations", all the way to carpets and fabrics that narrate stories to cheer up our personal worlds.

In addition to browsing and purchasing, visitors who would like to enter the universe of Mariscal, understand his creative drive and satisfy their curiosity should also look at the Stories section.

About Mariscal

An amazing creature, a species in extinction, a Homo sapiens naïf, with an eager and infinitely curious eye; a troublemaker, voracious, audacious, a genie in a bottle. Always the final flourish, looking to push the established limits with his fresh, spontaneous world featuring traces of the primitive, entertaining, scathing, poetic and innocent.

If Mariscal's entire oeuvre were to be complied in a single book without any sort of verbal description, we could "read" about his unique vision of the world as privileged viewers immersed in an animated film, because each of his creations takes on the magical form of characters. Dancing with his singular troupe of Los Garriris, Chico y Rita, Cobi, la Albufera, Barcelona, El Señor Mundo means keeping pace with a colourful, vibrant, joyful soundtrack that radiates light and warmth and is modelled on a universal truth that all of us can identify with, in one way or another. If his universe of objects and drawings can contribute to creating a better world, Mariscal will already be pleased.

The true dimension of Mariscal's work is internationally recognised.
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